Our Curriculum

We plan special programs during the year, such as Shabbat experiences, Shofar Factory, Chanukah celebration, Purim Fun, Passover Matzah Baking, Model Seder, Lag B'Omer Community Barbeque and more. We also feature ongoing activities throughout the year, such as Jewish Jeopardy, Kosher label contest, Brachot bee, Friday night children's services and more, to develop and maintain strong participation and enthusiasm from our students.


We believe that the joy and pride in Yiddishkeit that will be experienced at the Chabad Hebrew School will make an indelible impression upon the children.




Children will learn to recognize and identify the names of all Hebrew letters. They will begin reading simple words after learning how to blend the sounds. Additionally, they will begin to learn how to write the letters in the Hebrew script. Hebrew vocabulary is a basic part of the program - Children will learn Hebrew words related to current themes.




Children will be taught the meaning of Mitzvoth - Torah commandments - and will be encouraged to enjoy the experience of doing mitzvoth. Some mitzvoth emphasized are Tzedaka, loving one another, kindness to living creatures, hospitality, honoring parents, mezuzah, and brachot (blessings). The teachers will help each child develop a consciousness of proper Torah behavior towards others - Midot Tovot - which is the acquisition of desirable character traits.




Children will learn to appreciate the special quality and holiness of Shabbat and Holidays. They will become familiar with the historical background, customs, and observances of each festival throughout the year.




Children will start to learn simple, basic prayers and blessings. As they progress they will learn more prayers and what is appropriate to say at which times.




Children will learn to view our Avot (patriarchs) and Imahot (matriarchs) and other Jewish heroic figures as role models. They will be taught morals and ethics from people highlighted in the weekly Torah portion. The children will gain knowledge of and a love for the land of Israel and its people.